Top 5 – Community Engagement Techniques

There have been many different experiments done over time to discern what the strongest type of content is on branded channels. What can be posted on social media to evoke the best response/engagement?

“Today, your social media presence and Internet marketing have to go hand-in-hand, and while there is a constant flux in what’s “Hot Right Now”, tried and true forms of content have kept their ground.”

Engaging with your audience is the best part about running a community. Passionate fans make getting up for work just that much easier, and there’s a never ending journey to take with your content. In a day-and-age of complete connectivity via the Internet, building and maintaining a healthy, and positive community is key to the success of your game … READ THE FULL ARTICLE

– AC+A | @AdrianCrookInc

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Match Land

Race Cat

Why Play? Match Land is one of the cutest games in recent memory, with chibi rpg warrior archetypes “battling” super-deformed sentient blobs, mushrooms, and bees. It won’t blow you away with innovation, but the builder-lite meta-game and appointment mechanics are well done, and its timer-based matching (plan a series of moves before you match) and enemy attacks that affect the board state are nice twists. It’s a tad light on narrative for my taste, and it could try a lot harder to convince me to convert, but if you want a charming and compelling game with great systems and innovative twists on well-established conventions, don’t let this one go un-downloaded.

– Isaac Calon | @RPGike

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Compulsion Loop #76: Community Engagement in the Era of Freemium Monetization banner

Really Bad Chess

Noodlecake Studios Inc / Zach Gage

Why Play? I like minimalism, much like our founder @AdrianCrook. I adore chess, and it’s accompanying strategy. Really Bad Chess is just like the real thing–except for not at all. With random pieces, RBC removes the comfortable standard of playing chess and makes it an entirely new strategic template. It’s frustrating, and often times unfair, but all of its quirks combine into what I can only describe as the most satisfying string of victories I’ve ever managed to squeak out in any mobile experience to date. I’ve listened to designer Zach Gage go into details about his procedures and puzzle mechanics at prior events, and RBC is the culmination of his smarts, and skill as a developer.

– Wyatt Fossett | @W_Fossett

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Compulsion Loop #76: Community Engagement in the Era of Freemium Monetization banner

Faraway: Puzzle Escape


Why Play? If you’re a fan of games like Monument Valley, then Faraway: Puzzle Escape should be just your thing. It’s a puzzle/exploration game with lots of problem-solving and interesting mechanics. The developers take advantage of the various inputs for the touch screen to great effect. It’s a nice mellow experience with a nice simple visual aesthetic. The only downside Is that it feels a bit thin on content currently. But that could change in the future

– Chris Cervantes  | @SaveVsFail

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Compulsion Loop #76: Community Engagement in the Era of Freemium Monetization banner

Timber Tennis

Digital Melody

Why Play? 8-bit graphics goodness, a very simple but very addictive mechanic and lots of collectible items! Enter in frantic line-based tennis matches, where controls are limited to right-tap or left-tap to move from a lane to another, dodging bombs and other hazards, collecting coins and smashing the ball (or cherry, or egg, or skull, as with it can be customized) back at your rival player. It is a mash-up between a pong on steroids and an endless runner – lose a single ball and you may have to restart your progress in the main game tournament mode from scratch. Timber Tennis is a don’t miss!

– Maxime Villeneuve | @AdrianCrookInc

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