Teardown Club – Star Wars: Force Arena

Released in January 2017, Star Wars Force Arena is one of the most promising games of 2017’s first quarter. The game succeeds in merging two distinct, well-known mechanics: the card-based lane combat of Clash of Clans, and the hero-driven action of a MOBA set in an action-packed, deep, and thoroughly enjoyable experience. High production quality, fast-paced, and the right simplification of MOBA mechanics provide a treat for a die-hard Star Wars fans and mid-core players alike … READ THE FULL TEASER

Battle against the rival faction in action-packed arenas using famous collectible Star Wars characters.

Publisher – Netmarble, developed by Netmarble. South Korea.

Release Date – January 11st, 2017


– AC+A | @AdrianCrook

Compulsion Loop
Compulsion Loop #75: Star Wars: Force Arena Teardown and This Week’s Freemium Picks banner

King’s Raid

Vespa Inc.

Why Play? Injustice 2 is the latest AAA mobile game coming out of Warner Brothers, using fan favorite DC characters such as Harley Quinn and Batman in a side-view fighting game. The game, released as a companion to the console game of the same name, includes the same story and cinematics seen on TV versions, but with a simplified control system and freemium core loop and meta game. Additionally, Warner Brothers incentivized connecting your console and mobile versions, which grant a free premium skin to each player that plays on mobile and on their console system.

– Peter Knudson | @PeteKnudson

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Compulsion Loop #75: Star Wars: Force Arena Teardown and This Week’s Freemium Picks banner

Power Hover

Oddrok Oy

Why Play? Plenty of beautiful “Rhythm Racing” games out there–and I can’t complain, it’s one of my favorite genres to play on mobile–but Power Hover leads-in like a rhythm racer, but astonishes with it’s minimalistic art design, one of the best OSTs on mobile, and the most fluidly satisfying control/movement scheme I’ve ever played.  In a land of electronic life, someone has taken the light, and power from the people. It’s up to you (and your hoverboard) to collect batteries in order to relight the world. Power Hover is simplebeautiful, and addicting.

– Wyatt Fossett | @W_Fossett

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Compulsion Loop #75: Star Wars: Force Arena Teardown and This Week’s Freemium Picks banner

Dungeon, Inc.


Why Play? Dungeon, Inc. Is the new tapper/clicker game from the crew at Pikpok. Following in the footsteps of DoomsDay Clicker, it builds on the core passive progression model that we have seen before and adds in a bit of the special sauce that made Dungeon Keeper so much fun back in the day. Setting up Managers (monsters) in your dungeon and bashing the Auditors (heroes) that are attempting to invade really never stops being fun. In addition to that, there is a PVP mode where you can set up your team and aid other dungeons in order to get varying levels of loot chests. Wrap that all up with a great look and feel as well as audio and it’s a clicker that should be more sticky than the rest.

– Chris Cervantes  | @SaveVsFail

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Compulsion Loop #75: Star Wars: Force Arena Teardown and This Week’s Freemium Picks banner

Kill Shot Virus

Hothead Games

Why Play? Killing zombies never gets old. In Kill Shot Virus, it becomes exceptionally enjoyable. A high-production valuegraphically stunning on-rail zombie slaughter fest, Kill Shot Virus delivers us a fast-pacedaction-packed arcade style gameplay. Each mission is very short, making it possible to play in very short bursts. Lots of collectibles and customization optionsweapons and game-modes add a huge amount of replayability and depth to a tried-and-tested topic.

– Maxime Villeneuve | @AdrianCrook

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