Happy Holidays

It’s Christmastime, so we’re taking a couple of weeks off to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy time with friends and family. All of us at AC+A want to extend a thank you to all of our clients and friends for another great year of work and play.

What mobile games are you playing over the holiday break and why? Reply to this email and let us know, and if we feature your submission, we’ll credit you and toss you a $50 iTunes gift card.

See you all in 2017,

Compulsion Loop
Compulsion Loop

CompulsionLoop is AC+A’s (adriancrook.com) weekly pursuit of providing a Featured List for those in the games industry. A look at the latest must-play apps, along with short, useful takeaways from our team of game design and product experts. If you have a game that you think your industry colleagues should try, we’d love to hear about it at games@compulsionloop.com. Don’t forget to tell us why industry insiders should be compelled to try out the game (see what we did there?).

Know a game that you think others should play? Let us know and tell us why we should play it.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you discover more games that you can glean learnings from. Feel free to reply to this email or contact games@compulsionloop.com — we’re always happy to hear from you.

Have a great week!

- Adrian Crook www.adriancrook.com