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I was flying into Belgrade last week, from one client engagement to another, when I came to the sad realization that most of my mobile games aren’t playable in flight.

Resolving to solve this before my next flight, I scoured the App Store for offline playable games. In case you’re curious, here’s an offline games list for iOS. Google Play has an entire Offline Games section.

Of course a forced-connection may be necessary from a security standpoint – i.e. keeping accurate tally of a player’s game state – it’s a negative user experience in other cases (such as my flight).

In my situation, I managed to find some classics for future flights: Civilization Revolution – a mobile-friendly version of the timeless strategy game, and Infinity Blade 3 – an RPG hack-and-slash with top-of-the-line graphics. Other freemium games with offline modes include Criminal Case, SimCity Build It, and Farmville Country Escape.

Is your team designing an aspect of your game to be offline playable? I’m curious to know why and what – please reply!

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Compulsion Loop
Compulsion Loop #41: Offline Modes Add to Your Freemium Game’s Appeal banner


Pomelo Games

Why Play? A small physics puzzler that is simple yet challenging, there’s not a lot here but the pleasant aesthetics and excellent feel of the controls make it worth a few plays if you enjoy burst-based mobile games.

Google Play App Store
Compulsion Loop #41: Offline Modes Add to Your Freemium Game’s Appeal banner

Fit the Fat 2


Why Play? The popular incremental clicker has been upgraded and it shows, as instead of mindless tapping you’ll now be working out, eating right, and sleeping to achieve your goals. Combine that with the progressional paths that clickers employ and you have an interesting new game. If you really want to get the most out of it you can even hook up your workout devices and have your own progress play out in the game!

Google Play App Store
Compulsion Loop #41: Offline Modes Add to Your Freemium Game’s Appeal banner


Punk Labs LLC

Why Play? Kerflux is a minimalistic puzzle game with unique gameplay – players try to match up wavelengths by tuning different controls. It starts off simple, but can get complicated quickly for hours of free content, supported only by IAP donations.

App Store
Compulsion Loop #41: Offline Modes Add to Your Freemium Game’s Appeal banner

Satellina Zero

Peter Smith

Why Play? While this game isn’t much to look at, it’s proof that great game mechanics can trump visuals. A hybrid of an arcade shooter and music/rhythm game, its procedurally-generated music will get your toes tapping. It also boasts an example of fantastic difficulty-level progression.

Google Play App Store
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