Chatbots are a thing now (again?)

Tried a chatbot recently? Chatbots are automated helpers, typically reached via Messenger and Slack and have been covered extensively in the tech media lately. But the jury is still out on their usefulness. Browse for bots to chat with here.

The possibilities for gaming related chatbots are relatively unexplored, but may be important to follow as users switch from social networks to messenger apps. One interesting game to be released as a chatbot is Trivia Streak: every day at 1 pm the bot messages you to compete in the daily trivia tournament, played out via chat.

Trivia seems like an obvious choice, as does text adventure. We’ll be watching closely to see if chatbot apps take off in the coming months… we’ve already done a bit of client work in this area (can’t say with who though, so don’t ask!).

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Compulsion Loop #39: Chatbot Apps Hide Freemium Gaming Potential banner


Mobile Gaming Studios

Why Play? On its surface, RAID HQ appears to be yet another Clash of Clans clone, and it is, sort of. In place of the RTS lite core game its got an incredibly sticky shoot ‘em up, replete with all of the meta game goodness we would expect from the sort of games it’s borrowing from. In addition, it’s got a nice color based rock, paper, scissors circle of life layered in, along with base building. All in all it’s hitting a lot of check boxes and is worth a look.

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Compulsion Loop #39: Chatbot Apps Hide Freemium Gaming Potential banner

Rerunners: Race for the World

Game Alliance

Why Play? This one’s an MMO platformer, which basically means that you’re racing against other players in non-realtime while navigating obstacles. Each level is around 30 seconds long, making this a quick game to pick up and play.

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Compulsion Loop #39: Chatbot Apps Hide Freemium Gaming Potential banner

Rooms of Doom

Yodo1 Games

Why Play? Featuring pieces of the best of the latest gaming fads like Crossy Road and Flappy Bird, Rooms of Doom is sheer minigame madness. At its core, it’s an arcade game where you navigate minions through challenging rooms, unlocking new minions & rooms as you go.

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Compulsion Loop #39: Chatbot Apps Hide Freemium Gaming Potential banner

Brave Trials

Why Play? Brave Trials is an action RPG in the JRPG model. It borrows a lot from games like Heroes Charge for the meta game with a few unique twists of its own thrown in. A solid core with the anime fantasy style art aesthetic wraps it up in a neat little package that’s worth a bit of play time.

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