Pocket Gamer Connects in Vancouver

Pocket Gamer Connects, the leading mobile games show in the western world, is heading to our beautiful home base in Vancouver this month on June 28th-29th. It brings together independent developers, tool makers, and product folks along with AAA publishers and investors from across the globe.

In the past, attendees have included both big names (Supercell, King, Disney, Rovio, DeNA, etc) and the hottest indie developers (Vlambeer, Mike Bithell, Ustwo, Fireproof). The attendees will be announced soon and speaker submissions are still open if you’d like to share some learnings.

Compulsion Loop subscribers can take advantage of a 30% discount on all passes by using promo code PGCV-ACA30, or by clicking here to purchase.

Hope to see you there!

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War Tortoise

Foursaken Media

Why Play? War Tortoise combines idle upgrading with 3rd person shooting and tower defense to create something fresh: a wild world of artillery-laden reptiles. It’s a masterclass in accessible mid-core game design and worth your download.

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Compulsion Loop #30: Pocket Gamer Connects is Headed to Vancouver banner



Why Play? It’s another base-builder joining the company of games like Clash of Clans, but this beautiful & artistic title has more in common with an arcade shooter. There’s also a card collecting mechanic a la Clash Royale. RaidHQ is extremely polished, fun to play in short bursts, and has a more interactive combat mechanic than we’ve seen in these types of games prior.

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Compulsion Loop #30: Pocket Gamer Connects is Headed to Vancouver banner


Martin Magni

Why Play? If you want more Monument Valley and you’re willing to sacrifice art style for user-created levels (shared with QR codes), you’ll want to play this hyper-charming and accessible puzzle game. Bonus feature to check out: the pay-what-you-want monetization scheme.

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Compulsion Loop #30: Pocket Gamer Connects is Headed to Vancouver banner

Sugar Slide: The Path Home

IronSource Ltd.

Why Play? It’s a new puzzle game that (gasp!) isn’t a match-3! This cute, brightly colored puzzler requires you to slide the tiles to create paths that allow the little candy characters to make it home. It’s a nice, lightweight, freemium game that might not be doing anything terribly innovative, but offered a few hours of weekend entertainment.

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