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That rumble you hear coming from Canada and other soft launch territories is the impending global release of Clash Royale, Supercell’s next big hit.

The whole industry is eager to see what goes into the formula for repeat success. To that end, we’ve done our part by breaking down Clash Royale as last week’s Teardown Club feature.

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Compulsion Loop #17: Teardown Club Free Preview: Clash Royale banner

Futurama: Game of Drones

Why Play? Good news everyone! Futurama has finally been arrived on the App Store. I hope you’re ready to work because you’ll be delivering drones using the popular match 3 mechanic. While Futurama is plainly just a standard match 3 title with boost IAPs and linear progression, there’s a few tangibles in there to keep it interesting. A battle mode occasionally surfaces and the Futurama TV tropes make for a fun excursion, but if innovation is what you’re after this isn’t the title for you.

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Compulsion Loop #17: Teardown Club Free Preview: Clash Royale banner

Super Tribes

Why Play? If you have been hunting for an addictive and short-sessioned version of Civilization, look no further. Super Tribes is a lite-version of the popular Civ and Age of Empires games, with cute 3D graphics; perfect for the strategist on the go.

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Compulsion Loop #17: Teardown Club Free Preview: Clash Royale banner


Why Play? Ketchapp is at it again with another super-simple, addictive game reaching the #1 downloaded spot in the App Store. For Stack, the publisher opted to follow-up their hit “The Tower” with minimalist and colorful 3D shapes, reminiscent of Monument Valley.

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Compulsion Loop #17: Teardown Club Free Preview: Clash Royale banner

Fishing Break

Why Play? This is not your ordinary fishing game; Roofdog Games comes at us with a plethora of gamification features, such as progression through multiple fishing areas, intuitive yet challenging fishing controls, and multiplayer tournaments wrapped together in a cute and anime-esque art style. You’ll be addicted to catching fish even if you’re not an avid angler.

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