SAN FRANCISCO, CA – It’s no surprise that the growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has begun to invade the game space. Forever plagued by the variable platforms for FIAT currency, crypto/blockchain is a shoe-in here.


In keeping with their trend of bringing leaders in the mobile space together, PocketGamer will be hosting the first ever BlockchainGamer Connects in San Fransisco this month. Hear from those on the cutting edge of the melding of future technology and gaming.

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Parsec Frontiers

Why Play?   If you’ve had your ear, or hand, or appendage of any sort on the pulse of the gaming world than you’ve probably heard of the fascinating growth of EVE Online. Parsec Frontiers takes a lot of queues from the major cult-classic, space MMORPG. It involves space-craftsexploration, with a heavy focus on the player-made economy. A lot of money was spent within EVE, and a lot of money earned. This concept, mixed with high-quality gameplay mechanics, a fairly experienced dev-team, and the infrastructure of player-owned, player-dictated blockchain technology could easily form the future of gigantic online multiplayer.

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Neon District

Why Play?  Card collecting evolves when it breeds with blockchain technology (see nearly the entire list of titles available on the BlockchainGamer list), they were made for each other. Neon District is an “all-arounder” – combining card-collectionRPGMMOasset ownership, and strategy wrapped in this beautiful bow of futuristic dystopian art and aesthetics. Featuring locked-in dreams of having every portion of a gaming experience (achievements, unlocks, ownership, battle records, etc.) as non-fungible history via the Ethereum blockchainNeon District truly looks to scratch any itch you have.

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EtheR Quest

Why Play?  The Quest with the big “R” takes what games like CryptoKitties made popular (collection and marketable assets) and adds some very cool fantasy RPG elements to what I would call a “sub-game”. Obviously, the biggest draw here is the collectingupgrading, and trading your RPG warriors. Earn money from the Arenasummon new warriors, and fight against other clans in PVP. The art style is a little bit Slick Entertainment, and a little bit Klei, and a whole lot of awesome. EtheRQuest also has a Tournament mechanic where a player sends a warrior to fight in with increasing prizes (and difficulty) upon every victory. Which is a very intriguing way to gamble your own assetsfor a big payout.

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Why Play?  Part CryptoKitties, part TinyTowerEthTown (should really be called EthTower) is one of the most well-executed ideas, and beautifully animated games we’ve seen in a long while, let alone blockchain ventures. Buy upoutbid, and operate floors on an Ethereum tower. Earn coin on your property that you can use to upgrade, or purchase more propertyEthTown also sees you collect “heroes” of sorts, character cards (usually sly plays on real-life pop culture or history) can give your floors bonuses in profit earned or skills leveled. It’ll be a real tug-of-war tower builder, and the power to bring players back time and time again is something that will be key to their success.

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