Rovio sought assistance in improving players’ conversions on their mobile title Battle Bay

Leading up to a global launch, Battle Bay’s conversion and monetization metrics were not meeting Rovio’s expectations. Within a very limited timeframe, AC+A provided both an extensive analysis of the game and insights on how to improve it.

Rovio Entertainment Ltd Case Study

AC+A conducted, with a very limited timeframe, an entire audit of the game’s First Time User Experience and game economy. AC+A designed a more focused tutorial that led the player towards the competitive metagame and included additional offers. Our economy analysis provided insight to simplify the game’s complex progression system, and added easy-to-grasp offers to help with early player conversion.

AC+A’s feedback drove valuable feature improvements for Battle Bay’s global launch as well as further live ops updates. Although multiple firms were approached to analyze Battle Bay, Rovio chose AC+A, and that work engagement continues on additional projects.

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