AC&A has enjoyed a years-long relationship with the OMDC, Ontario’s multi-sector media development agency that provides funding to everything from digital media projects to TV, film and the arts.

One of the services the OMDC offers selected Ontario developers is support at trade shows such as Casual Connect, the annual social/mobile games conference in Seattle, WA.


For the past two years, the OMDC has turned to us to host a networking dinner at Casual Connect where Ontario developers can dine with AC&A’s hand-selected high level business development contacts from companies such as:

  • EA
  • Playfish
  • Zynga
  • 6Waves
  • PopCap
  • Microsoft
  • ngmoco
  • Big Fish
  • and others…

This is a one-night event that generates numerous fantastic leads for the attendees and continues to be beneficial to Ontario game developers.