Linden Labs engaged AC+A to help with monetization & retention for Blocksworld

Lindenlabs needed direction regarding the Blocksworld economy as well as daily rewards & retention

Retention & Re-engagement

Blocksworld had a spinner mechanic meant to drive retention, but the cadence of the spins and the rewards were problematic. A key part of AC+A’s Blocksworld audit focused on improving the cadence and added in rare blocks & gems as a form of restricted currency.

We also suggested an aggressive revision of the daily reward system. With the soft currency being the only currency in the game, and thus the only possible reward, daily rewards accounted for 40% of the daily influx of coins into the game economy. Tweaking the reward system along with the currency modifications helped to mitigate this.

Messaging & Featuring of Content & Sales

The storefront for Blocksworld was in need of a heavy revision both in terms of presentation and pricing. We provided actionable guidance on both, detailing best practices for targeted store messaging as well as feedback on the costs of store items going forward. Additionally, featured content was highlighted in order to drive users towards block sales and other limited edition content.

Tweaks to Monetization & Currencies

One of the largest struggles with the monetization for Blocksworld was the lack of a hard or restricted currency—the game had only a single soft currency that was used for all content purchases and rewards. The Lindenlabs team had the beginnings of a design spec for adding special blocks that would address that issue, and we incorporated that design into our highest-priority audit recommendation of introducing a hard currency into the spinner/loot-crate retention mechanic.