5th Planet Games sought Assistance Training Data Analysts

5th Planet Games had recently hired on a data analyst to assist in the day-to-day reporting of key metrics, but did not have the expertise on staff to scale her capabilities. AC+A helped create a 6-week training to solidify all materials and make sure the analyst was fully on-boarding and armed with best practices in reporting processes.

5th Planet Games Case Study

AC+A was engaged for a 6-week period in which our product manager and the analyst discussed how to tackle complicated data queries and formulate the right analysis plan. Twice a week, AC+A worked with the production team to determine the most important feature to analyze, and helped actionable insights for the team. The process culminated with an onsite visit by our product manager where we were able to meet with all teams and discuss how analytics could be added to the live operations of their games to maximize their long term revenue and retention.

Thanks to partnering with AC+A, 5th Planet Games was able to supply their newly hired data analyst with the proper training for freemium game analysis. In addition, they were able to improve their internal reporting processes to more efficiently incorporate data in their game development and live operations.