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Are you looking for assistance with your magazine & newspaper app from an expert team of app design and development consultants? Do you have a vision that you want to turn into a reality? Then let AdrianCrook + Associates help you realize your app’s potential and let you live the dream.

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At AC+C we can supply you with a sea of knowledge to get your newspaper & magazine app up and running. Our team of consultants and technicians can help you build your premium/paid app or freemium app with design leadership. We utilize your project review to ensure we fully understand your desires and apply app testing to make sure we have delivered to your expectations. With our app revenue forecast, we can show you where your business sits in the current market and where it can be.



With an Android app or an iOS app if you want your plans to be a success you need to make sure you have everything right. From graphic design, narrative design, and user experience our team at AC+C have you covered. We assist in the building of prototypes so that you can see how your newspaper & magazine app will work then we help you test your app, making sure the user experience is how it should be. We will work together with you so that expectations are met, and the user interface is ready to roll.



Once your smart newspaper & magazine is completed AC+C will ensure momentum continues when it comes to build. Our expert team will assist in graphic design, narrative design and also help build a prototype to make sure your app works as you wished. Your Android app and iOS app will then get user experience to make sure your time, money and effort has not gone to waste. Once all parties are happy our team of experts will consult your company on best marketing practices for your brand and more importantly ensuring app store optimization has been thoroughly reviewed so that your app gets the views and downloads it deserves.



We believe in sharing all our knowledge that has been accumulated over the years by our successful team with our clients. One area we always find that interests clients are our Teardown Club where our team strips your competitor’s apps down, and we show you where they are up to, technology wise. With data analysis training your team can see where your app sits and what tweaks may be required to improve your success rate. If app crowdfunding is required, then our team of consultants can assist in this area.

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