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What Our Clients Say

  • "AC+A did a wonderful job and were highly collaborative with LEGO. Their associate very quickly became part of our team. He was exceptional in his ability to communicate the needs and risks of the project and he shared the valuable insights from his colleagues at AC+A when appropriate. We greatly appreciate the collaboration with AC+A!"
    James Lema, Creative Director LEGO Life
    James Lema, Creative Director LEGO LifeLEGO
  • "Working with Adrian’s consulting group was great. They consulted with us for 3 months starting with a full-blown design audit with priorities on retention and monetization. The info that spun out of the audit set our objectives for the next six weeks. At which time we drilled down into specific areas (monetization, retention, compulsion loops, industry comparisons, and social virility) that gave us actionable tasks and a dev roadmap for six months.

    My team has been actively implementing all the ideas Adrian’s group suggested, and will continue to do so over the next few months, and I am already seeing positive results with 4x ARPPU numbers than before our engagement. They easily integrated into our team and worked directly with design, art, and programming. I then had them do a design audit for another game that is in early development that produced some sobering insights - but much needed. They felt more like team members than outside consultants.

    In short, hire AC+A for a few months; you will not regret it."
    Scott White, Studio Vice President
    Scott White, Studio Vice PresidentAspyr Media Inc.
  • "Adrian has come to the rescue for me as a senior design & production consultant at 3 different companies now. He is equally adept at hands-on social games design and driving production on top tier licensed console projects.

    He is a master collaborator, and will embed directly with the team. He's also the right guy to put in front of top industry execs to pitch, brainstorm, or suss out a project's milestone plan, product goals, or design strategy. Adrian is my go-to guy whenever I get in a pinch and need someone to come in and drive an emergency project -- regardless of scope or subject matter."
    Michael Waite, Executive Producer
    Michael Waite, Executive ProducerZynga
  • "AC+A came highly recommended by a few members of our senior management team and we certainly weren’t disappointed with the results! Our engagement lasted just over 2 months and was broad in scope. We had just started some exploratory work out of our Vancouver studio and wanted to give our product teams - both development and marketing - the opportunity to work directly with experts in the field as they shaped their plans / priorities. Jordan, Tomas, and Adrian were always available and more than willing to share their knowledge with our core teams.

    I can say with confidence that their perspective will absolutely have an impact on our future direction. Jordan even spent a week with us on campus in Vancouver to completely immerse himself into our initiatives and to work directly with our development group. This time together was invaluable in getting everyone on the same page. To wrap everything up we received a very comprehensive white paper summarizing findings, providing an assessment of our current position against the completive set, and suggesting areas of emphasis for our product teams. This paper was circulated widely across all levels of our studio and was well-received.

    I would recommend AC+A to any groups thinking about F2P and looking for some expert council on building and taking to market a winner!"
    Deepa Arora, Director of Emerging Markets
    Deepa Arora, Director of Emerging MarketsEA SPORTS
  • "I loved working with Adrian. Partnering creatively is rarely easy, especially without an existing relationship, but Adrian made it a great experience. He challenged us when appropriate, contributed great ideas and stimulated a level of design I think not possible for us to achieve on our own."
    Ryan Cleven, Executive Producer
    Ryan Cleven, Executive ProducerMicrosoft
  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Adrian on several occasions, over the last few years. Each and every interaction has been extremely positive, with not only great results, but also reliably enjoyable processes for everyone involved. Adrian's world-class expertise nicely complements his tireless enthusiasm, to truly energize and inspire the group, while also maintaining the necessary focus. This unique blend of creative vision and practical know-how makes him an extremely valuable addition to any team. Beyond being a fantastic collaborator, Adrian's confidence and experience also make him a strong leader and a confident presenter. I've never hesitated to put him in front of clients, and have always felt much more comfortable, knowing that he was involved with a project."
    Frank Sanni, Head of Planning
    Frank Sanni, Head of PlanningTAXI
  • "I can't say enough good things about working with Adrian. He is a talented and creative game designer with an amazing attitude, and he consistently delivered great results on-time. He's the first person I'll call if I need an experienced game designer to support our team or our project. Adrian is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."
    Gary Gettys, Executive Producer
    Gary Gettys, Executive ProducerZynga
  • "Working with AC+A allowed us to clarify key issues with our game design while we were still early enough in the development process to make changes. Because of the specific recommendations we received from Jordan, our game is both more fun for players and able to monetize those players more effectively."
    Richard Barnwell, CEO
    Richard Barnwell, CEODigit Gaming
  • "Not only is Adrian one of the premiere minds in the world of social and casual game design, his business development skills and general entrepreneurial acumen are off the charts. You want this guy, no, you *need* this guy if you're doing anything in casual, social, free-to-play -- whatever. Just get him. Beyond that, he's a genuinely good person -- trustworthy, generous with his time and knowledge, modest, and always willing to take the time to help others. He's also connected like all get out. I've relied on Adrian's expertise as a businessman and developer not only on projects we're collaborating on, but as I've been charting the course of my future as a creator, game developer, and entrepreneur. I admire what Adrian has accomplished so far, and frankly, I think he's just getting warmed up. Keep an eye on this guy."
    Raphael van Lierop, Founder & Creative Director
    Raphael van Lierop, Founder & Creative DirectorHinterland
  • "When I was working at Panasonic on new product concept generation, I hired Adrian to help us navigate the world of free-to-play MMO gaming industry. Adrian provided expert consulting services to help Panasonic develop a strategic plan for a new product initiative. More specifically, his contribution helped Panasonic segment the market, create a market TAM, and create a business partnering strategy. Adrian was extremely hard working, responsive, and demonstrated a high degree of expert knowledge of the gaming industry. I would definitely seek to hire Adrian in the future for his subject matter expertise."
    Matt Wong, Vice President of Design & Engineering
    Matt Wong, Vice President of Design & EngineeringPanasonic USA
  • "It was wonderful to have Adrian in to mentor our mobile game teams at Execution Labs. He willingly shared his hard earned wisdom in social design and monetization mechanics with the teams. Tons of great tips and tricks to implement!"
    Jason Della Rocca, Co-Founder & Indie Evangelist
    Jason Della Rocca, Co-Founder & Indie Evangelist Execution Labs
  • "I hired Adrian as a consultant working on a game team. He brought a lot of expert knowledge about social gaming and best practices, which contributed a lot to the success of the project. He was also very proactive and went above and beyond the normal consultant agreement by making himself accountable for results."
    Jimmy Gendron, Executive Producer
    Jimmy Gendron, Executive ProducerElectronic Arts
  • "I've known Adrian since 2008, when he was one of a select group of people ahead of the curve in terms of understanding how mobile, social and free-to-play -- at the time, considered "emerging trends" for games -- would impact the games space. I'm excited to see this experience still serves his work. I've learned a lot from him, and he's friendly, supportive and a pleasure to work with."
    Leigh Alexander
    Leigh AlexanderInteractive Entertainment Journalist
  • "Adrian helped improve our team's understanding of how social features could fit into our upcoming game's context. I'd recommend Adrian to clients who are looking for help in both high level or detailed design in the social and online space."
    Kerry Whalen, Sr. Producer
    Kerry Whalen, Sr. ProducerUbisoft
  • "I had the opportunity to work with Adrian for over a year on the Panasonic Jungle project. I was always impressed with how willing he was to roll up his sleeves and get things done. He did everything from business development, market research, product management, and producing."
    Chris Lavin, Sr. Marketing Manager
    Chris Lavin, Sr. Marketing ManagerPanasonic
  • "I can't imagine where we'd be without Adrian Crook. We've found his clarity and candor to be refreshing and invaluable no matter what phase of the project he's involved in. He is also incredibly connected and has a deep list of all star talent to call upon should the need arise."
    Kerry Choe, Project Manager
    Kerry Choe, Project ManagerBinary Event Network