E-sports refer to computer games that are played in a competitive environment. Just like any other forms of competitive sports, players seek to improve their behavior in order to optimize their results. With that, E-sports data analysis surfaced to help these individuals identify successful strategies and evaluate their game play. At AdrianCrook + Associates, we provide winning e-sports data analysis that ensures an exciting and fair gaming experience.

E Sports Data Analysis
E Sports Data Analysis

What Is E-Sports Data Analysis?

E-sports stands for electronic sports and it is the professionalization of video gaming. Electronic sports are enjoyed by both adults and children who enjoy getting competitive with their computer gaming. E-sports has become extremely popular over the past few years and its popularity is expected to continue rising. Some of the popular e-sport games include Starcraft, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and more.

E-sports data analysis is the process of translating the collective behavior of e-sports gamers in regards to player survey results, traffic, viewership numbers, and more. This form of data analysis will provide with well-constructed insights that help you to make player-focused decisions.

Why Choose AC+A To Help You With E-Sports Data Analysis?

At AC+A, we have an excellent talent pool of e-sports data analysts that can bring you the latest e-sports data analyses. Since our inception in 2008, we have also worked with established companies such as EA Sports, which was also a notable sponsor in the Madden NFL 17 Championship Series. We understand that no two customers are the same and that’s why we employ a personalized approach when performing e-sports data analysis.