You need to redesign your app and plan to create a list of all the current features it has, so that you can include them in the next release. The challenge is that your app has a lot of levels and you soon feel like you are in over your head. Do not fret as AdrianCrook + Associates are experts in design audits. Our design audit consultants can use their expertise to guide you through the entire process.

Design Audits
Design Audits

What Are Design Audits?

Design audits exist to help you identify common issues that may be causing frustration for your app users and also help you identify the most effective ways for these users to complete the tasks they want. Next, design audits often examine the visual and interactive elements that you use to interact with vendors, clients, customers, and other audiences. Few realize that one’s app must grow with their businesses and have high conversion rates. Design audits can give you deeper insight into the areas of your app that needs to be rethought, redesigned, and refreshed.

Why Choose AC+A To Help You With Design Audits?

At AC+A, our expertise in design audits can help you define both the primary and secondary objectives of your app. We can help you ensure that these objectives are clearly defined so that your users always have a way to return to his or her primary objective. In addition, the insights you gain from the design audit helps you ensure proper content is implemented for each section of your app. Facebook, American Express, Microsoft Game Studios, and EA Sports are some of the companies we have worked with before. You can rest assured that you are in good hands.