Before your mobile application or game is deployed, you should have a rigorous app testing plan. There is an ever-growing demand for mobile apps, and key decision makers need to focus on creating clear roadmap and strategies before implementing their apps for their users. It is pertinent that one builds an app that has all the functionalities and features required by the target consumers. At AdrianCrook + Associates, we provide app testing consultation solutions that will give your customers the confidence that the app will function as intended.

App Testing
App Testing

What Is App Testing?

App testing is the process of testing an app’s consistency, usability, and functionality. There are currently three universally accepted testing methodologies: white box, black box, and grey box. The primary focus of the first option is to validate how the business logic of the app is implemented by program or code. The app’s internal structure is tested by code and path coverage techniques.
In black box app testing, testers will validate the AUT against its requirements with regards to the inputs and outputs. The four main techniques of black box testing are state transition tables, decision tables, equivalence partitioning, and boundary value analysis. This form of testing is normally employed for regression and functional/non-functional testing.

Why Choose AC+A To Help You With App Testing?

When you work with AC+A for your app testing needs, we can help you identify and correct technical and performance related defects and issues. Our app testing experts will work closely with you to optimize app performance in an effective manner. At AC+A, our company was founded in 2008 and we have since worked with many leading mobile and social game companies. Some of our clients include Facebook, Capcom, Atari, and more.