When it comes to developing an app

One of the foremost elements to ensure clarity during your initial design planning steps is for app infrastructure. Whether we are talking about an online game app or an enterprise mobile app, both the frontend and backend of your app are made effective with a stellar app infrastructure put in place. At AdrianCrook + Associates, we provide industry-leading app infrastructure solutions that will deliver an incredible app experience for your end users.

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About Infrastructure

What Is App Infrastructure?

Application infrastructure can be thought simply as the platform that app developers use to run your app. When applied to enterprise apps, this platform often has to integrate computers, software programs, and networks in order to make the app work across different geographical regions on different levels for the enterprise users.

For online game apps, the app infrastructure will involve elements like game servers, game databases, analytic stacks, and more. Part of your app infrastructure will feature tech stacks such as programming languages and software programs combined to create your web or mobile application.

Why Choose AC+A To Help You With Application Infrastructure?

Founded in 2008, AC+A has worked with hundreds of leading mobile and social game companies, including Microsoft Game Studios, Capcom, LEGO, Facebook, and more. We are well versed with the game design and strategy consultancy industry, and have an excellent talent pool of game designers and product managers to guide you on how to choose the best tech stacks for your app infrastructure, ensure that your gaming architecture works on multiple devices, and implement the best app infrastructure practices. We adopt a customer-centric approach so that every recommendation made comes with an alignment with your business goals.