You want your team to gain insights into game design and game design concepts, the basic tools of game design, paper and digital prototyping, user testing, design iteration, and more. You have decided to conduct a workshop to train all your team members at one go. You may be asking yourself who to look for? At AdrianCrook + Associates, we provide comprehensive solutions for game design training workshops.

Game Design Training Workshops
Game Design Training Workshops Cover

What are Game Design Training Workshops?

Game design often involves various fields, from programming and graphic design, to probability and math.  Through our game design training workshops, your team can learn how perform analysis on the mechanics of digital games, incorporate different game concepts from multiple perspectives, as well as test, develop, and design prototype games via an iterative design process.

Why Choose AC+A To Help You With Game Design Training Workshops?

At AC+A, we specialize in training workshops for two- and three-dimensional game design in Unreal, 3ds Max, Maya, Unity, and more. Our workshops are designed to allow attendees to build strong foundations of the latest concepts in this fast-paced industry. If you want to learn other game design components such as scripting, prop creation, level and character design, look no further than AC+A. Our company was founded in 2008 and our game design training consultants have worked with reputable organizations such as Capcom, Facebook, Atari, Five One Nine games, and more. Our consultants will also work closely with your team to tailor a workshop that is aligned to your business goals.