As an owner of a mobile application, it is normal that you want to control, understand, and measure player experiences. You are constantly trying to get relative insight into the health of your game. If you lack analytics, launching or surviving in the global app market will be tough. At AdrianCrook + Associates, we provide top-notch game data analysis and game metrics solutions that allow you to see what your competitors don’t.

Game Data Analysis/Game Metrics
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What Is Game Data Analysis/Game Metrics?

The intent of game data analysis can be pretty broad ranged as it varies from game to game, as well as depends upon the particular gamer base and genre being targeted. With that said, the prominent data matrices for game data analysis include event metrics, revenue metrics, involvement metrics, and time matrices. In recent years, game metrics have become something of a buzzword in the process of developing games. Game metrics often start with raw telemetry data, which are then transformed into various interpretable measures.

Why Choose AC+A To Help You With Game Data Analysis/Game Metrics?

As AC+A is well versed in multivariate testing and A/B testing, we can help you generate content through the use of game data analysis. We can also help you avoid potential traps when manipulating numbers. If you want to acquire all the basics of game data analysis, working with AC+A is ideal for your needs. Since our inception, we have worked with many established organizations such as Facebook, Electronic Arts, Capcom, Microsoft Game Studios, and more. Our advice and recommendations for game data analysis and game metrics are among the best in our industry.