You plan to create an app that accepts digital currencies to facilitate payments for goods and services. However, you do not know which digital currency platform is most ideal for your needs. This is where AdrianCrook + Associates comes in. We are an industry-leading app design and development consultancy that specializes in digital currencies.

Digital Currency

What Is Digital Currency?

The term digital currency is no longer shrouded in mystery. Digital currency is simply a form of virtual currency that is stored and created via electronical means. You should know that only some types of digital currencies are cryptocurrencies. The latter is a subset of digital currency and utilizes cryptography for security reasons. This makes it extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Like traditional money, digital currency can be used to purchase physical services and goods. In most cases, digital currencies are restricted to specific communities such as for use within social networks or online games. With that digital currency can either be centralized or decentralized.

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Why Choose AC+A To Help You With Digital Currency?

At AC+A, our company was founded in 2008. Since our inception, we have been helping our clients work out stellar solutions that allow them to digitalize their payment procedures. We understand that you have apps can offer unrivalled convenience to your users. However, you may be facing difficulty when incorporating digital currencies with your app. With our experience working with established companies such as LEGO, Capcom, Ubisoft, Microsoft Game Studios, Zynga, and more, we are able to bring fresh perspective to the challenges you present us.