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Agile Scrum

What Is Agile & Scrum Development?

Agile software development refers to any app development process that’s aligned with the concepts stated in the Agile Manifesto. The Manifesto reflects the experiences of leading software developers on what approaches do or do not work for app development. The aim of agile processes and methods are designed to promote a more disciplined project management process that encourages accountability, self-organization, teamwork, as well as frequent adaptation and inspection.

Scrum development is a subset of Agile. It can be considered as a lightweight process framework that reduces the overhead of the app development process or a set of practices that must be followed to ensure consistency within a certain framework. The three known categories of a Scrum process are Time Boxes, Artifacts, and Roles. Developers that need to manage complex product and software development often opt for Scrum processes.

Why Choose AC+A To Help You With Agile & Scrum Development?

Founded in 2008, AC+A is well versed with the trends in the game design and strategy consultancy industry. Our experienced product managers and consultants have worked with hundreds of leading mobile and social game companies, including Facebook, LEGO, Capcom, and Microsoft Game Studios. You can be sure that our team will help you identify and implement the best agile & scrum development practices that will bring great success to your project. As we are also a customer-centric firm, we strive to make sure every recommendation we give is aligned with your business goals.