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A few weeks ago Apple did something that I (personally) never thought they would. They announced that App Developers would be granted access to reply to reviews in the store. The news comes with their launch of the iOS BETA 10.3 that includes a ton of other implemented features.

This is huge.

There have been a small number of hurdles that make developing applications or games for iOS devices a little more strenuous than other platforms… CONTINUE READING

– Wyatt Fossett | @w_fossett

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Star Conflict Heroes

Gaijin Distribution

Why Play? Star Conflict Heroes is a slick new combat / turn-based tactics release, best described as a sci-fi star-fighter entry into the Summoners War / Heroes Charge family. SCH adds to the genre via some innovative mechanics, including a rewards minigame where you scan space for loot drops. The theme is admittedly niche, so if collectingupgrading and battling star-fighters appeals to you, SCH should be on your list!

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Why Play? Postknight is a mini-RPG with bite-sized versions of all the core mechanics fans of the genre know so well. It’s got what has become a fairly standard meta-game loop with multiple parallel paths of progression making it incredibly sticky. Overall the game is incredibly well polished and presented. It hits all of the right check boxes straight of the park. Very much worth the download.

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Heart Star

Jussi Simpanen

Why Play? Heart Star is a genius little puzzler where the user swaps back-and-forth between Heart and Star to traverse puzzles and reach the end goal, together. There is no meta-game, just straight puzzle solving with a great set of mechanics wrapped in a clean pixel art style.

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Evil Factory

Nexon M Inc.

Why Play? It’s insanely rare to play a game on the app store that feels fresh from the ground up. Evil Factory does everything a little bit differently. You play an agent sent to (you guessed it) clear out a factory filled with evil. Each level is a new floor, with new baddies, and fresh challenges. At your disposal; a gotcha-mechanic that grants different helmets (each with their own effect on your play), slow-motion (letting go of the movement stick), multiple objectives per floor (giving it massive replay value), and characters brimming with charm and wit. Evil Factory may very well be the freshest title out there.

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