Daydreaming of Virtual Reality

I’ve been having fun with my Daydream headset, the latest product by Google in the VR space, ever since I got my Google Pixel phone.

It’s an enjoyable experience and an upgrade from the Samsung Gear VR, having a more comfortable feel, as well as the added inclusion of the controller to be able to navigate the UIs.  However, the software selection has a lot to be desired – the collection of playable games is low, and the price tags are high, making it tough to really want to make use of the device regularly. I found several games that were enjoyable experiences – such as Need for Speed – but most often I found demoing the headset with simply the tutorial that comes with the phone.

However, this week Google announced that they are opening up the platform to all developers, which should create a more robust app ecosystem. The only question that remains is; are people are willing to spend money for these games? As a Daydream owner, I’m hoping that quality studios take on projects for the platform – otherwise my headset will just collect dust.

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Creature Quest

VC Mobile

Why Play? Creature Quest is the latest creation of Jon Van Caneghem, the founding CEO of New World Computing and designer behind the original 1980s’ Might and Magic franchise. His latest game seeks to preserve the qualities of classic games while adapting them for the mobile F2P market.  The result is an unusual hybrid with some novel and interesting design choices, including the questing and combat systems. Old-school RPG fans take note!

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Fire Emblem Heroes


Why Play? Fire Emblem comes to mobile! Heroes are next in line up with the recent push for mobile games by Nintendo, and Fire Emblem has a rather large previously established fanbase. This game is a tactical RPG game, where players battle against others with the heroes they collect by earning orbs. Players are reviewing the game positively, so this should be something to pay attention to as it rises in the grossing ranks.

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Splitter Critters

RAC7 Games

Why Play? Splitter Critters is a premium app, so there is no meta structure like you would see in an F2P offering. Where it stands out is the core concept and the puzzle building that has been done around it. It’s “gimmick” is that you can cut (or split) the screen by slicing it anywhere then dragging the separate sides of the split to line things up, or in contrast, block things. That, combined with a great, simple art style make it worth the few dollars the team is asking for it. *Splitter Critters won the Very Big Indie Pitch last year at Pocket Gamer Connects: Vancouver*

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