PocketGamer Connects – London

I’ll be in London, England early next week for PGC’s annual conference. PocketGamer Connect conferences bring together a slew of who’s who within the mobile game development world with panels, pitches, parties and MORE! Talks range from Monetization StrategyIndie Adventures, and Global Publishing. We’re hoping to meet many of you at the event and can’t wait to make more meaningful connections.

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New Year – New Games – New Lessons

We shipped nearly 60 newsletters in 2016, and we’re aiming to continue that trend into this new calendar. The year ahead will see the launch of many new amazing titles, as well as the rare resurfacing of older ones (something missed, or new updates drastically raising relevance). We hope you’ll take this ride alongside us as we hit the ground running in 2017!

This week’s list includes an outstanding debut, a strong ip, one of Canada’s indie-darlings, more BEAR necessities, and cowboys in space. We hope you like it and would love to hear from you either way.

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Alto’s Adventure

Built By Snowman

Why Play? Alto’s Adventure is a very stylish endless runner that plays like an updated version of the classic Ski Free for Windows. It’s got great art direction and gameplay with a fairly standard upgrade model built into it. It’s well worth the .99 cent price tag and is a great addition to the collection of anyone who is into endless runners.​

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Space Marshals 2


Why Play? At first glance, Space Marshalls 2 is your standard twin-stick shooter. Further exploration shows that it’s got quite a bit more depth than that. From stealth mode and takedowns to pack management and weapon upgrades, it’s got a fairly robust RPG element layered over the standard gameplay you would expect. The theme of space cowboys ties in perfectly with the art direction as well, overall it’s well worth the purchase.

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Conduct THIS!


Why Play? Put on your conductor’s hat!  The debut release from indie developer Northplay – ‘Conduct THIS!’ – is a real-time puzzle game that puts your train routing skills to the test.  The minimalisticgeometric art style feels perfect – evoking a nostalgia that sits somewhere between childhood train sets and euro-style board games.  Though the controls and interactions are very simple, the level design offers plenty of challenges for puzzle fans.

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Tapinator Inc

Why Play? Rocky is a surprisingly unique battler, built on the Rocky film license.  The game combines a battle system based on rhythm gameplay with a gym management sim with gacha and RPG elements.  Recruit and train fighters, enter tournaments and battles to earn the cash and gacha spins you need, and build the reputation of your gym!

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Bushido Blade

Spry Fox, LLC

Why Play? Bushido Bear is the latest from designer/blogger Spry Fox, best known for Triple Town and Alphabear. Their latest release is a hybrid puzzle/action game loosely set in ancient Japan.  Swipe to execute expert samurai attacks against colorful enemies, and tap to dodge their attacks! The gameplay is as addictive as we’ve come to expect from Spry Fox and the meta-game – upgrading characters and playing gacha for new ones – rounds the experience out nicely.

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