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Earlier this week, I was in Los Angeles for a couple client meetings. As I like to do when in the States, I popped into a Best Buy.

A few days prior, Google launched Home, an Amazon Echo-style voice assistant. I love the in-home assistant category and am keen to see how it takes off in the coming years. I’m betting on friendly anthropomorphic industrial designs, better AI, and a more seamless integration with our daily life – perhaps akin to Scarjo’s character in the movie Her.

Already Google Home has a plethora of features, from controlling my Hue lights to playing music on my speakers and videos on my TV (via Chromecast devices). There’s also a game, activated by saying “Hey Google, let’s play a trivia game.” It’s multiplayer and kind of a cool way to entertain more than one person, as Google asks a seemingly endless number of questions, derived from its giant brain.

It will be interesting to see how the category evolves over time, and in-home assistants might support more robust games, or even a revenue model. Hard to imagine right now, but you never know.

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Mediocre AB

Why Play? Pinout is a genius little endless runner that happens to be disguised as a pinball game. Procedurally generated sections and a straightforward beat the clock mechanic combine to create an incredibly sticky time waster that ends up being something far greater than the sum of its parts.

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Boom Boom Football

Hothead Games

Why Play? Boom Boom Football boils down a 60 minute game of gridiron into 7 “hero moments” that challenge your reaction speed, coupled with a straightforward team building mechanic that employs your standard card packs and evolution. It’s a great option to supplement a fantasy team or two.

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The Trail: A Frontier Journey


Why Play? A new RPG game led by famous game designer Peter Molyneux. This game is part RPG and part empire builder – the graphics and environment are beautiful, and the gameplay unfolds at a reasonable pace that doesn’t require a lot of twitch movements or constant attention.

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DragonVale World

Backflip Studios

Why Play?  Those familiar with Backflip’s DragonVale should be excited about this new “remake”. It doesn’t offer much innovation, but the old formula wasn’t broken. DragonVale World has a new shiny coat of paint and it’s definitely one to watch.

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