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If you’re in Los Angeles, Portland, or Seattle (or anywhere in between) and want to meet up with Adrian, let us know! Adrian’s on the road in a classic VW and is already in LA for this week, and further up the coast (Portland, Seattle) next week.

If you’re a West Coaster with design or product management issues to discuss, Adrian can come to you! But hurry, this week in the LA area is filling up fast and next week will be tight too, so drop us a line!

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PS: Name where the above photo was taken to win a custom Moleskine notebook!

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Wind Runner Adventure

Joymax Co.

Why Play? Wind Runner Adventure is a modern endless runner with a one-input mechanic that surprisingly allows for a large amount of depth, from jumping, wall jumping, sliding, and more. It’s got a great art style and level of polish that makes it stand out from the massive pack of other runners.

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Shuffle Cats


Why Play? King deviates from their typical match-3 expertise with this cute card game called Shuffle Cats. Players take to a deck of cards and play a variation of rummy while leveling up and earning special powers to help them play. Keep an eye on this one to see if King can compete in other genres.

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Plants vs Zombies: Heroes

PopCap Games

Why Play? The popular classic mobile IP makes it debut on the app stores as a collectible card game with all your favorite plants, hero characters, and a new vertical phone-friendly orientation. We’re looking forward to seeing how this fares — early reviews are promising!

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Really Bad Chess

Zach Gage

Why Play?  This aptly-titled game takes the classic tired mechanics of chess and spins them around by making the board random. Which of course means some wild imbalance and hit-or-miss gameplay, which makes for half the fun.

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