An Acquisition for Ketchapp

Do you remember 2048, the Threes clone that performed better than the original? Its developer, Ketchapp, was acquired by Ubisoft this week.

We’ve covered Ketchapp several times in Compulsion Loop and admire their recipe for success: a multitude of extremely simple, one-touch games. Obviously, a recipe that occupied a space larger publishers wouldn’t touch.

It goes to show that even small teams, with good execution and market timing, can achieve success. If one-touch games were the market trend for 2014/2015, will a different trend soon emerge?


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Target Acquired


Why Play? Target Acquired is a platform shooter that borrows heavily from its cousin genre of endless runners. It’s an evolution of hit games like Jetpack Joyride, with the addition of a ton of customization, upgrades, and options. It’s also got a highly polished anime theme that pits power armored cat people against robotic mouse baddies.

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Barista Blitz

Ayopa Games

Why Play? Barista Blitz is a match three that combines several pivots on the expected gameplay. A “drag to match” mechanic combined with a Diner Dash-style queue of orders to fill come together to create a very simple and strong casual offering.

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Bullet Hell Monday

Masayuki Ito

Why Play? This one’s a free-to-play vertical shooter with 50 levels, cool vector graphics, an unobtrusive monetization model, loads of skill-based goals, good replayability, neat ship upgrades, and a serious amount of crap to dodge and blow up on your screen.

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PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

Outerminds, Inc.

Why Play?  The ever-popular YouTube sensation PewDiePie released another mobile game for his fans, and now sits at #3 most downloaded game. The game itself is a timer-based game that aims to be a free-to-play Game Dev Story set instead as starting as a fledgling YouTube Star.

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