Farewell, Game Center

With all the excitement around Apple’s product announcement event and iOS10 being released worldwide, you may not have noticed that Apple has removed a key piece of gaming software: the Game Center app.

Though developers can still access the features – such as leaderboards – they now need to implement them within their games, rather than rely on the Game Center app. What are the consequences? It’s now more difficult for players to add Game Center friends or see who is on their friends list.

While it wasn’t an app used by everyone, it was an important one for dedicated iOS gamers and Apple should be careful with removing developer-friendly apps. We will have to wait and see if it is replaced with something improved in the future.


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Legendary – Game of Heroes


Why Play? This is a super solid puzzle fantasy RPG in the style of Puzzle and Dragons. Tile movement is unique — instead of moving rows, you move individual tiles to make matches. Definitely worth checking out!

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Animation Throwdown: TQFC


Why Play? Games based off of animated cartoons have been big recently. So Kongregate and Fox teamed up to build a game with not one, but 5 different cartoon shows as characters in their latest card-battler.

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Oz: Broken Kingdom


Why Play? A very unique spin on the classic Wizard of Oz universe; Nexon published a game showcasing your favorite Oz characters in a darker, more ominous world. A card-battler and RPG, users are tasked with help Ophelia Shen (not Dorthy, interestingly enough) rid the universe of the black magic and monsters.

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Puzzle Wiz

Wicked Witch

Why Play?  Puzzle Wiz is, at its core, a match 3 game, sort of. It’s also a bit of a puzzle shooter a la Puzzle Bobble. Additionally, there is a bit of pathfinding as the user matches colors to move the wizard across the board. Overall the hybrid core mechanic is quite interesting and definitely worth a few minutes of your time for a look.

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