Game Development with AC+A

Did you know AC+A also develops games and apps for select clients?

In fact, we’re approaching soft launch on two such design and development projects over the next month (details to come).

How do we choose what games we develop?

First and foremost, it has to be a good match for our skill set. For instance, one of the upcoming titles is an invest and express title – a genre we have deep experience in throughout our organization.

We also look for concepts we can be involved in from the outset. With both of our current projects, we’ve taken them from napkin design to wireframes to launch products. It’s immensely more productive for AC+A to be involved from the start.

I’ll pass along details of our development projects as soon as they’re more public, but in the meantime, drop us a line if you want to design and develop your next mobile game with us.

Have a great week,

Adrian Crook

Compulsion Loop
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Primal Legends


Why Play? At first glance, Primal Legends looks to be just another match 3 battler, but the core gameplay is where it stands out. Fans of other match 3 titles will recognize it as an interesting hybrid of Puzzle Fighter with some Magic Drop, and a creative hero mechanic thrown in.

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Madden NFL Mobile


Why Play? The perennial football franchise has been released, and this update brings some great features to look out for, such as a higher focus on limited-timed events, a deeper focus on head-to-head and league play, and a new UI that gives the feel to players that they are truly a manager of their favorite football team.

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Flip Diving


Why Play? A simple diving arcade game with great graphics, easy to learn controls, and a monetization scheme based on rewarded videos. Worth checking out to get your last week Olympics fix!

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Egg, Inc.

Auxbrain, Inc.

Why Play? Egg, Inc. isn’t much to look at, with simplistic and almost dated graphics, but it’s one of the most compelling clickers we’ve had a chance to play. Growing and managing a chicken farm isn’t easy business, and this one has interesting monetization mechanics, a loose story, and feels more like a sim management game than an idle clicker sometimes.

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Have a great week!

- Adrian Crook