Pokemon Whoa!

If your city is anything like mine, you can’t walk a block without running into a distracted Pokemon player with her face buried in her smartphone. You might even hear her scream “Ivysaur!” while she runs across a street without looking for cars. Pokemon Go has released to massive fanfare and has quickly rocketed up to the #1 top grossing spot on Android and iOS in record time, beating out Clash Royale.

No one knows yet whether Pokemon Go is a short-term flash in the pan fad or whether it is truly the right time for this ubiquitous brand to collide with the technology of augmented reality and the market penetration of smartphones. We’ll be watching this one closely (and playing it, um, for market research I swear) over the coming weeks to see if the core gameplay is enough to retain the massive player base it has already accumulated even before worldwide launch.

Between VR and AR, it’s a good time to be in the mobile game technology business.

Gotta go catch ’em all,

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Pokemon Go


Why Play? This augmented reality “catch ’em all” game is the perfect mix of scavenger hunt and competitive battler, putting players out in the real world to collect, evolve, and compete with their Pokemon army. Play it now while it’s hot if you’d like to be conversationally relevant on social media.

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Dream City: Metropolis


Why Play? Storm8 have been quiet as of late, and it’s easy to see they’ve been hard at work on this gorgeous new city builder. Modeled closely after the popular SimCity BuildIt app that’s been in the top grossing for some time, Dream City allows for free-form building instead of restrictive game mechanics. It also has gorgeous animations and a cute little narrative tied in as well.

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Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

Playstation Mobile

Why Play? Fans of the Uncharted franchise and the unadulterated alike will enjoy this isometric puzzler. Features elegant and unobtrusive IAP through the use of mystical Orbs to instantly solve tricky levels. There’s dialogue from the console games, some truly beautifully designed interfaces, and some complex yet interesting puzzles to figure out.

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Super Stickman Golf 3

Noodlecake Studios

Why Play? The previous Super Stickman Golf games were ridiculous amounts of fun, and this new entry is right there with them. It’s a 2D physics golf game in which you balance your angle, speed, and power in order to get the ball in the hole in as little numbers of strokes as possible. There’s also powerups, multiplayer mode and a new spinning mechanic to check out.

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Dungeon Tiles


Why Play? A relatively complicated but super interesting take on the formula popularized by Threes (and copied by 2048, among others). In this game you’ll match tiles to earn points, but you’ll have to avoid taking damage by matching dragon tiles, defend against them by matching swords, and heal yourself with the heart tiles. The RPG elements bring a refreshing perspective to the tile-sliding gameplay.

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