A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

It was the 20th anniversary of one of my most favorite Nintendo games this week — Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. It was one of the first video games I was able to own, but still remains a timeless classic — with graphics that were ahead of its time, and interesting and diverse level design that rethought the way that platforms can work in a 3D world. Needless to say, I was filled with nostalgia to be able to break it out to celebrate its birthday.

A resource we have found to play old games (maybe not 64 games, though) is myabandonware.com. It’s good to see that classic old games aren’t lost to the ages, and that newer generations of gamers can experience the same level of excitement we did when we first started playing.

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Rodeo Stampede

Featherweight Games

Why Play? This is one of the best burst games you’ll ever come across on mobile. The core gameplay has you using your rodeo skills to vault from animal to animal, all while collecting them for your zoo and earning coins. From there you’ll manage your floating zoo and rake in the coins as visitors stop by. There’s some time locks to elongate the experience but the star here is the gameplay, which is just ridiculously fun once you get the hang of it.

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Smash Squad


Why Play? Smash Squad combines a familiar physics battle core gameplay mechanic with tried and true character collection, progression and evolution to create an accessible arena battler with a great visual aesthetic, music and sound. Add in the fact that it’s got TONS of personality and it’s a great all around offering.

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Farm Heroes Super Saga


Why Play? If you enjoy match-3’s (and you aren’t bored with them yet), you’ve gotta check out the latest game from the masters of the genre, King. This new entry features an added “wind” mechanic and boss battles, but otherwise is the standard formula with an even more polished aesthetic than we’ve seen before.

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The Sandbox Evolution

Pixowl Inc.

Why Play? This 2D, pixel art-filled, sandbox world is about as feature-complete as it gets. You can compose music, create platforming levels, and build and share worlds. The downside? It’s so easy to share your creation, but anyone can destroy it and overwrite the public save. There’s a ton of fun to be had though, for those willing to suffer some multiplayer growing pains.

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