Good Timing is Everything

It’s an extra exciting month in the sports world. Two large soccer tournaments coincide together this month — Copa America and the Eurocup Championship. While the TV networks are busy showing the games, the app stores are also getting into the spirit; these last few weeks have shown to have a number of soccer themed games in the featured positions on major first party app stores.

We’ve all been told that Apple and Google tend to feature relevant games and apps — such as holiday content around December, or Halloween games in October — but this week shows us that with a little planning, you can have an edge by creating app entertainment centered around any real-world event and make a pitch to be featured. While the known themes may be crowded, many are not, and developers should always take into account which events may coincide with their launch plans.

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Wizard Swipe

Nice play games

Why Play? It’s Ketchapp Basketball meets Asteroids — in this fun little arcade game you defend against wave after wave of different types of monsters. As players level up and earn coins, they unlock new powers they can use against the waves. Lots of strategy involved for such a simple game mechanic!

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Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick n Run

Hugo Games A/S

Why Play? In the wake of the Eurocup 2016, we see a new infinite runner game starring Portugal national team star Cristiano Ronaldo. The cup is taking place in Paris, and the game is set in the city of lights as well, showing how mobile games can be well timed in the market to take advantage of downloads.

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Adventure Company

Foursaken Media

Why Play? This team-based Action RPG is establishing a real foothold in the App Store for Foursaken Media, makers of War Tortoise. Early reviews are praising the extremely deep character trees & customization, along with its generous monetization design, challenging levels, and fun gameplay.

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Flutter: Starlight


Why Play? If you played the original Flutter, you won’t find anything revolutionary here. The gameplay is similar if not the same, but the players are really enjoying this new take on the popular butterfly collection game. Features relaxing music, gorgeous art, and a simple gameplay loop.

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