Dev Liability or Subpar Child Supervision?

Engadget reported that Amazon had been deemed liable for millions in unwanted charges incurred by children on free-to-play games.

Sure, I’m as guilty as the next person in using my phone or iPad as a temporary babysitting tool (I like to think of it as a benefit of living in the modern world), but despite having three kids (and Adrian having five), not once have any of our kids made any unwanted or unknown microtransaction purchases. Just like I try to ensure my kids don’t drop my phone or spill some liquid on it, I take steps to make sure they can’t make any purchases…certainly not $6000 in Jurassic World.

I think parents should take responsibility for their child’s decisions instead of suing after they realize they should have paid more attention to their parenting duties.

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Hungry Shark World


Why Play? Following the long-time success of Hungry Shark Evolution we’re now blessed with a new aquarium to feed in from Ubisoft as Hungry Shark World was just released this past week. The original is one of the best sandbox experiences on mobile devices and the sequel takes it to the next level with a monstrous world, a multitude of new species to eat and tons of sharks to unlock and upgrade.

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Chibi Maruko Chan Dream Stage


Why Play? Featured in the App Store this week is a new puzzle game from Hong Kong that is a great title for the younger crowd. There’s a surprising amount of depth once you get in there and kids will enjoy the simple yet gratifying gameplay that is provided alongside the hunt for fame story arc that the main character Maruko-san goes through.

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Angry Birds Action!

Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Why Play? The latest game in the Angry Birds franchise onslaught is a mix between billiards and pinball that feels like a perfect fit for the brand. With a bit of skill (and arguably more luck), players shoot the familiar birds at different objectives to progress through myriad levels. Standard freemium rates may apply.

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Disney Magical Dice

Netmarble Games

Why Play? The latest offering in what feels like a deluge of Disney games recently is essentially Monopoly skinned with Disney. It features all real-time battles with other players, some mobile-minded rule changes to make games play out faster than the classic board game, and a super cute and appealing appearance.

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