How to Make More Money From Your Games

Adrian is away on vacation so I (Tony, Adrian’s partner) get to share my thoughts today. I was reading this post titled “7 tips to make more money from your games” over at VentureBeat. What’s annoying about these types of blog posts is that each of the seven tips was about how to:

– display more relevant ads
– display ads to non-payers more efficiently
– display ads so they look like part of the game
– display ads at more optimized times in your game

As video game design consultants that provide mobile design audits for our clients, we prefer to take a larger, more holistic view of the game. Improving the onboarding experience and making the overall game more fun will naturally increase engagement and retention, leading to you “making more money from your game” in a way that feels good to the player.

Improving the experience is certainly a more satisfying and rewarding challenge than iterating on ad display. It’s why we work in the games industry — otherwise, we might as well be in the advertising business for some generic website or content aggregator.

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Critter Academy

Spicy Pony Games

Why Play? Critter Academy is a game that takes the best elements of Tower Defense and RPG and wraps it together with a gorgeous and accessible 3D art and fiction. The game revolves around collecting critters, training them, and engaging in a single player campaign as well as player-vs-playeronline.

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Puzzle Craft 2


Why Play? The latest entry in this series of addictive puzzlers is second to none! Not quite a match-3 game, EA Chillingo brings you line-drawing, which lets you clear long chains of tiles all at once. Clearing longer chains leads to better upgrades and collecting more resources for crafting and buildingyour town. It’s easy-going fun, but still addictive as hell!

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Cookie Cats

Tactile Entertainment

Why Play? Okay, yes, it’s another matching puzzle game. But Cookie Cats gets a special mention specifically because the singing cartoon cats after you beat a level are incredibly adorable and funny. Gameplay is standard yet solid, and this one is boasting an Apple feature currently along with 5 stars from players.

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Subset Games

Why Play? Originally a multiple-award winning PC game by Subset Games, this indie roguelike’s slick UI and unique tactical mechanics make the rare case for a $10 iPad game. And don’t forget to turn audio on, because the soundtrack is out-of-this-world.

App Store
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