Royally Knocking It Out of the Park

It’s been a couple of weeks since Clash Royale released worldwide to much fanfare, and it’s been dominating the charts and creating buzz about “the dawn of mobile esports.”

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Mobile game developers should be watching Clash Royale closely as it rises in popularity with unprecedented speed and garners praise from casual and hardcore gamers alike. A scant 24 hours post launch, Supercell’s newest release firmly secured the #1 Top Grossing spot in the App Store.

Happy GDC week!


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Geometry Dash

RobTop Games

Why Play? A premium “simple” 2D side scrolling, infinite runner, obstacle course where you control a little square just by tapping to make him jump and roll. The simplicity is mirrored by the exponential rise in difficulty and frustration the game provides. Customizable levels let players (adults and kids) give their own gift of frustration. Need to play “just one more time”.

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Tower Knights

Crazy Labs

Why Play? This game is a cute and casual “hero defense” game, where players progress through a level map with their hero, utilizing a plethora of abilities, in order to defend a princess against an onslaught of enemies. There isn’t much twitch movement, but just enough to make a player feel challenged.

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DeNA Corp

Why Play? Timenauts is a side-scrolling tower defense style game with an entertaining story infused with comedy.  With a cartoony art style and a limited time launch promotion with comedian Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias, Timenauts features PvP battles, upgradable squads, mystery chests, lootand a skill-based progression system.

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Train Conductor World

The Voxel Agents

Why Play? The original Train Conductor was an early favorite in the App Store, and this new rendition will hit you right in the nostalgia feels. With a dual-progression system, simple to learn yet challenging to master gameplay, and vastly upgraded visuals, you’ll have fun routing trains for hours.

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- Adrian Crook