80’s Nerdstalgia Runs Rampant

I spent last week diving into the first book I’ve read in ages: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. If you’re an 80’s kid like me who grew up designing games, you’ll love this rollicking adventure.

It’s the perfect book to be finishing on the eve of Game Developers Conference 2016, which I’ll be at all next week. If you’ve read Ready Player One, I’d love to discuss it with you. Or we can talk shop, whatever you prefer. 🙂

Go ahead and book a meeting time that works for you, here:


Looking forward to connecting!


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Cherrypick Games

Why Play? It’s a simple burst tap climber with a minimalistic art style. Though the App Store is crawling with these types of games, the level design is what makes Kosmo stand apart. These linear levels are simple to make but hard to make well, and Kosmo does a bang-up job of keeping the game challenging but allowing for improved scoring.

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Diner Dynasty

PikPok Games

Why Play? The just released idle game Diner Dynasty has players manipulating their upgrades to run the best possible diner. Like all idle games the fun is in the upgrades and there’s plenty of ways to do that in this one. It also has offline accumulation, something some mobile idle games forget to enable!

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Thumb Drift

SMG Studio

Why Play? Thumb Drift hits all the necessary marks we’ve come to expect in the burst gameplay sub-genre made famous by Crossy Road. Where Thumb Drift really shines is in its simple, elegant, and incredibly satisfying drift racing game mechanic. Thumb Drift is a testament to the power of focusing on a single easy-to-learn, hard-to-master interaction that hooks players immediately resulting in instant addiction.

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Dungeon Link


Why Play? Dungeon Link features clever, genre-bending, gameplay that merges RPG and puzzle game mechanics in a single highly-polished package. Dungeon Link features all of the typical revenue driving meta game mechanics seen in free to play RPG titles, but the inclusion of a skill based core mechanic makes it less “pay to win” then other titles in the genre.

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