Casually Connecting in Amsterdam

We’re off to Casual Connect Amsterdam this year (Feb 16-18), for the first time in AC+A’s 8 year history. There’ll be three of us there – me and two Associates – for the full conference and lots of networking.

We’d love to meet up with colleagues, both new and old, while we’re on the other side of the Atlantic. So please drop me a line if you’re going to be in Amsterdam.

AND… Teardown Club is going full steam, with subscribers receiving their first Teardown Club features last week. There’s still a couple weeks left in our launch offer, so enter code ACAFRIEND25 to get 25% off the first three months of your subscription.



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Why Play? From the makers of 1010, Merged is another take on the single-mode puzzle genre. In this game, players try to combine colorful dice together and last as many turns as they can. However, the game has not shown very strong monetization, as there is little incentive to purchase the premium currency or watch rewarded videos.

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Traffic Rider

Why Play? Polished and simple, universally understood gameplay sees players driving a scooter (eventually unlocking motorbikes) in 1st person view. Bike-centric IAP and paid customization, incentivized social actions and well-assembled time-limited starter IAP bundle. Launched a month ago to huge install numbers and a 4.7 Play Store rating.

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Codename Cygnus

Why Play? It’s an all-audio adventure game you can play while doing the dishes. The New York Times called it a “bold stab at interactive radio”. This may be the future of hands-free casual entertainment.

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Guardian Stone: Second War

Why Play? Released just last week by NHN Entertainment under their Toast brand, Guardian Stone is an ultra-polished free-to-play RPG that manages to combine nearly all of the most popular elements of the genre into a single package without feeling confusing or overwhelming.

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