Launching: Teardown Club

We wanted to let you in on something cool we’re soft launching today, to a small group of our trusted colleagues and newsletter subscribers only. Teardown Club is an exclusive monthly subscription service that delivers cutting edge freemium mobile game teardowns directly to your inbox, weekly.

You can learn a lot more by checking out And because you’re a friend of AC+A, we’d also like to offer you a discount code: ACAFRIEND25 – enter it during checkout to receive a 25% discount on the first six months of your subscription.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing Teardown Club to a wider audience. Until then, early subscribers get teardowns few others will see. That’s actionable mobile game analysis, just for you.

We’re very excited to launch Teardown Club – hope to see you there! Until then, enjoy this week’s selection of games.



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Pocket Mortys

Why Play? Adult Swim adds their cult cartoon, Rick & Morty to their high-quality portfolio. This is their attempt at a Pokemon-inspired collection game where you must collect and battle with all of the various Mortys out there. Collect all the Mortys and get sucked into what is actually a deep itemization system that lets you craft objects and use them against your opponents or on your growing child army.

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Into the Dim

Why Play? RPG games styled with a retro/8-bit style are usually paid apps but this game is supported primarily with rewarded videos. Every time a player dies in a dungeon, they can choose to watch a 30-second video in order to continue without losing progress, or else they start at the beginning. This process can be frustrating, but players may be watching multiple times a day, earning the developer decent advertising revenue.

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Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures

Why Play? Highly polished, turn-based tactics style RPG. Featuring a fine balance of “casual” and “midcore” game mechanics, Heroes Tactics maintains a high level of accessibility while simultaneously allowing for deeper strategic decision making that appeals to hardcore gamers and is sorely lacking from market leaders like Heroes Charge. Relatively new to the marketplace so they may not successfully find their audience.

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Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Why Play? Determined to keep the revenue flowing, King has launched Candy Crush Jelly Saga which follows the formula of the previous titles with a greater emphasis on the “jelly” levels, along with a brand new PvE mechanic in which players compete against an AI queen. The game also ramps up in difficulty faster than its predecessors, leading to complaints about the game being “too hardcore”.

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- Adrian Crook