Aspyr Media, the leading publisher of Mac® games, asked AC+A to evaluate their design strategy for Sushi Mushi, with a focus on beefing up their monetization performance.

Our team identified four key factors that were preventing Sushi Mushi from reaching its full potential.

Sushi Mushi

AC+A’s Solutions

First, we helped the Aspyr team to transition to a premium currency model, which allowed players to purchase packages of coins that could then be exchanged for game items.
Next, our deep analysis of Sushi Mushi’s game difficulty led to a completely revamped game logic; this was designed to increase the number and frequency of monetization opportunities a user can experience during their lifetime.
We then carried out a full art and UI assessment and introduced a visual styling that could compete with top-performing games.
Finally, to help bolster user retention and engagement, AC+A introduced a series of light narrative elements into the game.


Sushi Mushi experienced a dramatic and sustained 165% increase in revenue per paying user, or an extra $10 per person, thanks to the new currency model. The reorganized game logic resulted in further increases in ARPPU and an increase of nearly 50% in Sushi Mushi’s conversion rate. The new graphics translated into improved player retention, and the fresh new narrative elements meant longer and deeper first-time player sessions.

Check out our blog post for additional information about the project.

Sushi Mushi
Sushi Mushi
Sushi Mushi