RedSpace Needed Quick Feedback on Game Concepts for upcoming Publisher Pitch

RedSpace was working hard toward an upcoming pitch with a large game publisher, planning to be armed with several new concepts that could be a good fit for their portfolio. A partnership with them would unlock a marketing budget and strong brand connections with existing fans. However, they needed help sizing their potential market for the game concepts, and validating their core game systems for the strongest revenue and retention. Enter: AC+A.

REDspace Inc Case Study

Given the timeline, AC+A was able to engage very quickly and provide a market research document that outlined potential competitors in the space, highlighted what core loop systems and economy designs that work, and provide insights into where RedSpace could have room to innovate. Following this, AC+A diligently went through the game design documents, providing commentary on areas that needed fleshing out, and helping prioritize what features should be highlighted in pitch material, and what comparables titles needed calling out. The engagement ended with a final deliverable hand off, where final questions were raised which marked the end of a thorough analysis of the their potential projects.

Thanks to partnering with AC+A, RedSpace felt well-prepared with their concepts. They were able to have solid market research to defend their ideas, and their concepts included the best practices for their respective genres and the game economies that have proven to monetize.