The Pokemon Company Asked AC+A to Improve Usability and Onboarding

Pokemon: TCG Online needed improvements to their onboarding flow, and improve their long-term retention.

The ultimate goal of the Pokemon TCG is to introduce more players to the card game. The Pokemon Company came to AC+A to look at increasing retention through the on-boarding flows, to minimize player drop-off, and maximize long-term engagement.

Onboarding & FTUE Analysis: We dissected the new user flows and highlighted friction points. During this process, AC+A uncovered several key drop-off points and helped design solutions to smooth the process for all users and maximize the number of players who ended up creating accounts.

User Experience & Progression: Next, AC+A determined that the current digital product did not offer enough progression systems in order to keep players engaged after the first week. Additionally, we determined some major features such as card trading and special events were hidden too deeply within the UI. AC+A proposed new user interfaces that Pokemon could use to improve their player experiences.

Recommendation Prioritization: As a final step, AC+A helped evaluate return on investment, taking into account the development cost and the expected magnitude of improvement, and delivered a prioritized roadmap to Pokemon.

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