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MSeed, Thailand’s first and largest gaming accelerator, asked AC+A to speak to their teams about how to succeed in the mobile marketplace. Most critically, they required more in-depth knowledge about key topics like monetization, marketplace viability, and working with publishers.

AC+A’s Solutions

Because of the diversity of MSeed’s teams, and the sheer number of people who were interested in the material, AC+A veterans Adrian and Jordan decided that on-site coaching would be the most practical solution, allowing for hands-on training, in-person discussions, and demonstrations of the topics to be covered.

Adrian and Jordan flew to Bangkok and delivered a two-day intensive series of lectures and mentorship to MSeed’s 11 talented teams. Their talks focused on designing for freemium, monetization best practices, marketplace viability of some of the MSeed team’s specific designs, and what it takes to get noticed by publishers. They also provided an overall framework for designing games that engage and retain players.


The in-person, on-site delivery of the material allowed the MSeed participants to try out suggestions and fixes in real time and receive immediate feedback from Adrian and Jordan and from each other. Over their two days working with the MSeed team, Adrian and Jordan’s feedback and coaching were translated into immediate, tangible changes to MSeed’s games and work style.

Their visit also generated a great deal of media interest. Jordan, Adrian, and the MSeed team held a two-hour press conference to answer journalists’ questions, and among the coverage was a full page in The Bangkok Post, Thailand’s largest English-language newspaper.

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December 3, 2014