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Mobile Game Development

What is AC+A Development?

For seven years and over 100 clients, our mobile game development team of best-in-class designers, artists, programmers, product managers, composers and support personnel have consistently fulfilled the needs of companies such as Electronic Arts, Zynga, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Panasonic, Capcom, American Express and more.

Many developers offshore portions of your project to save costs. This lowers the price, but also lowers the quality of your product. AC+A produces every aspect of development internally and with trusted partners, so you know your project is in good hands.

AC+A’s development team comprises industry veterans who know the best practices that will save you time and money, delivering the product you want, on time and on budget. Using creative and technical specifications from our industry-leading designers, AC+A Dev curates your project’s ideal development team from our deep bench of talent, addressing your toughest challenges head-on.

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  • “I would recommend AC+A to any groups thinking about free-to-play, and building and taking to market a winner!”
    Deepa Arora, Director of Emerging MarketsDeepa Arora, Director of Emerging MarketsEA SPORTS
  • “Hire AC+A for a few months; you will not regret it. They felt more like team members than outside consultants.”
    Scott White, Studio Vice President Scott White, Studio Vice President Aspyr Media Inc.
  • "I loved working with Adrian Crook & Associates. Partnering creatively is rarely easy, especially without an existing relationship, but they made it a great experience.”
    Ryan Cleven, Executive ProducerRyan Cleven, Executive ProducerMicrosoft
  • "I can't say enough good things about working with Adrian Crook & Associates. They’re the first team I'll call if I need an experienced game designer to support our team or our project. Adrian Crook & Associates are true professionals and a pleasure to work with."
    Gary Gettys, Executive Producer Gary Gettys, Executive Producer Zynga
  • "I'd recommend Adrian Crook & Associates to clients who are looking for help with detailed design in the social and online space."
    Kerry Whalen, Sr. Producer Kerry Whalen, Sr. Producer Ubisoft
  • "Not only does Adrian Crook & Associates have some of the premiere minds in the world of social and casual game design, their business development skills and general entrepreneurial acumen are off the charts. You want these guys, no, you *need* these guys if you're doing anything in casual, social, free-to-play -- whatever. Just get them."
    Raphael van Lierop, Founder & Creative Director Raphael van Lierop, Founder & Creative Director Hinterland

Why use AC+A Dev?

Over the past seven years, no other consultancy has been under the hood of more industry-leading products than AC+A. We deeply understand the development challenges of projects at all phases, from concept to launch to post-launch.

It’s this expertise that enables AC+A Dev to identify and solve all the biggest gotchas in your game’s development.

At AC+A Dev, we:

  • Customize the optimal team for you, using our high-end resources to staff up a group that will deliver within your budget and schedule parameters;
  • Bring you peace of mind knowing you’re paying for the best resources and only as much as you need from them –  and not paying bloated studio overhead rates;
  • Maintain consistent access to a live build of your project throughout our development, allowing you to provide constant feedback along the way;
  • Create an App Store strategy that caters to “white space” and uses advanced ASO (App Store Optimization) techniques to decrease your marketing costs;
  • Provide quality benchmarks, highlighting where your project has to be to meet and exceed its category’s art, playability, and UX standards;
  • Validate your project’s market using leading industry intelligence, coupled with our own data, to ensure your business assumptions are correct;
  • Define and refine your go-to-market strategy to avoid over- or under-investment or misallocation of funds;
  • Arm you with data by implementing the right metrics, then educating your team on which metrics matter and what a healthy KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is for each;
  • Deploy experienced quality assurance testing resources, conduct focus groups, perform A/B tests, and more to eliminate unwanted surprises and optimize for launch; and
  • Develop and manage your live operations (LiveOps) strategy, allocating budget and resources to delivering post-launch content, event management, and more to keep retention and monetization trending upward.

AC+A Dev addresses these issues before they cripple your efforts, allowing you to stay focused on your business and creative vision.

Anyone can make a game.
We know how to make a game successful.

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AC+A understands the intricacies of creating a strong core game loop and have developed a solid pipeline to overcome the unique challenges presented by every project. Contact us now to find out how we can provide solutions to your project’s toughest problems.

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