Analysis: Opt-In Best Practices for iOS

For mobile games, an important factor for increasing retention is sending relevant notifications. From the App to the user, alerting them of rewards waiting, or if they’ve received a new game request spurs repeat visits. These are our opt-in best practices for iOS Apps. AC+A has previously written about the importance of gathering permission to send […]

Timers, Opt-ins, and Chimes: Notification Best Practices

As game developers, we do everything in our power to increase player retention rates—optimizing core loops, creating compelling new features, and re-targeting campaigns, among many other things. One powerful tool is the notification channel: developers who implement a solid push notification strategy can reap the rewards of a highly engaged player base. For example, Clash of […]

iOS App Update Text Best Practices

Seeing that notification badge for updates in the App Store is always exciting, as updates are like Christmas to users. Of course, not all updates are going to be major changes or new content, a lot of them will be minor bug fixes and changes to things behind the scenes. Either way, good communication in these […]

Analysis: Hearthstone’s Lapsed Player Re-Engagement

Hearthstone was a major win for Blizzard – they entered both the mobile market as well as the trading card game genre, accumulating positive feedback from players and critics alike. Giving Magic: The Gathering a run for their money is not an easy feat; however, as most free-to-play game developers eventually begin to realize, installs […]

AC+A Increased Sushi Mushi’s ARPU by 295% With These Four Techniques

We recently conducted a design leadership engagement for Aspyr Media’s hit game Sushi Mushi that resulted in huge increases for several of the game’s KPIs.  Check out this infographic below, and be sure to scroll down for more details about how we achieved these results with Aspyr’s team. [Click to zoom image]   [Download the infographic PDF] Design Leadership […]

Explosive Growth of Digital CCGs

What? CCGs (Collectible Card Games) are a genre of games that far predate mobile and social gaming, with their roots as physical card games, the most popular of which being Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Although digital CCGs are nothing new, they have experienced new levels of success in the social and mobile gaming […]

VGS 2008 – Virtuals Goods and Social Networks

[This post originally appeared on Adrian Crook’s site.] Virtual Goods Summit 2008 Moderator: Mark Wallace (Wello Horld) Panellist: John Hwang (RockYou) Panellist: David King ((Lil) Green Patch) Panellist: Shervin Pishevar (Social Gaming Network) Panellist: Andrew Trader (Zynga)

VGS 2008 – Making Virtual Economies Work

[This post originally appeared on Adrian Crook’s site.] Virtual Goods Summit 2008 Moderator: Susan Wu (Ohai) Panellist: Susan Choe (Outspark) Panellist: Lee Crawford (Twofish) Panellist: Christopher Donahue (Live Gamer) Panellist: Karl Mehta (Playspan)

4 of the Most Innovative Retention Strategies for Mobile

So you are in the midst of developing a mobile game (or app), and it’s time to start thinking about growth. You have been so focused on development that the launch date started to sneak up on you, and you need to think about your potential user base. Where do you turn to first? Retention […]

WDIM: Apple Allows Communication on App Store

What Does it Mean: an opinion series based on fresh news. A few weeks ago Apple did something that I (personally) never thought they would. They announced that App Developers would be granted access to reply to reviews in the store. The news comes with their launch of the iOS BETA 10.3 that includes a […]

Key Learnings: PGC London

PocketGamer has done their due diligence in gathering and exploring the best missions, the best lessons, and the best people of the mobile game development industry. This effort culminates in four annual events, taking part in four majorly separate markets, each with their own high-functioning industry. Every year, developers, advertisers, indies, and students gather in […]